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  ♠   Wednesday, July 4, 2012  ♠   Wednesday, July 04, 2012
Somehow i miss my biological mother..

  ♠   Tuesday, July 3, 2012  ♠   Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Sigh.. How I wish i could reverse time and make a wiser choice instead.. I chose to take AES not because I want to continue contributing to the school.. It's because I think I owe the teachers there.. So I am trying to do as much as I can before I leave RC.. I can say I started my first year as a VI terrible.. Really bad.. Thousand thoughts went through my mind each time I go back for CCA. I always question myself  : "Do I deserve to be down here, taking the Unit??"

Shall not continue anymore......

Aimless Goal. :((  ♠     ♠   Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Honestly, up till now, I still cannot accept the fact that I failed my Os that badly.. I always think that 31 Points was only a dream, "DREAM". However, it wasn't, and will NEVER be.. No matter what, I still have to pick myself up and accept the fact because FACTS will never change..

Sigh... Whenever I see Poly or JC students, I will always look down on myself.. Looked down on myself is not because I'm stupid but stubborn.. Why do I say that?? I remember myself burning out day after day.. Made myself listless the next day.. Despite all the advices that teachers gave, I ignored it and continue burning out.. What happened the next day?? I was too tired to the extent that my brain couldn't function as well as per normal.. My mind was totally blank.. I believe if I don't repeat the same mistakes again, I'm able to excel and my family will never look down on me anymore..

I remember my ambition was to be a psychologist. To help those who need help more than others.. Unfortunately, I didn't make it for my Os.. Frankly speaking, I chose a course which does not interest me.. Why I take up Pastry Course is because of my Aunt. I know she loves pastry line and I hope I can be like her just to repay my kindness and show my gratitude to her. No matter how much I dislikes my course, I will make myself to fall in love with it. Maybe I'm not a study kind of person... This is my FATE and FATE will never ever change too..

I've no one to blame but there is one word which I will never forget. 'REGRET'.

:))  ♠   Saturday, May 26, 2012  ♠   Saturday, May 26, 2012
School was awesome so far :)) I'm like a joker in class man.. :)) anyway I love being a joker #likeaboss :))

  ♠   Thursday, May 10, 2012  ♠   Thursday, May 10, 2012

Training outside school (28th March 2012)  ♠   Wednesday, March 28, 2012  ♠   Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Hmmm.. Went to AES earlier to do up the video montage to show to the Links at BPPS... Finished 2 of the video around 1430. Super late rite?? Bo bian uhh... It wasn't easy to do up a movie maker. Firstly , have to thank Miss Wong for contributing past year photos. Secondly , have to thank Miss Lim for saving it to my thumbdrive and sacrificing her laptop for the playing the video. Thanks to both. So ya... Went to BPPS with my unit today.. Can say that we started off the day bad... We are supposed to be in BPPS by 1500. However , we are still in school at around 1505... Why like that?? We are going to other school for activity... How can we be late rite?? So unprofessional.. Nahh.. It's okays.. AES was known to be always late.. Saw the primary 5 kids.. They were so cute..!! Ha.. I remembered when I played the video that has Miss Wong's face, the cadets will say eh "Miss Wong" , "Miss Wong" , " Miss Wong". Hahas.. What was this supposed to be?? I think they still cannot forget the presence of her during CCA.. I find the kids there super cute lor... They called me MISS JANE. Makes me sounds like a RC teacher rite?? Hahas.. Went to have dinner with Shafina , Kelvin , Karyna , Carin , Ai Xin, Dun Liang and Nicholas. Think we ate too early already.. I'm so hungry around 9 pm ++ ... Was hunting for food at that time. Shall stop here..